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Commercial Mortgage Loan Origination

As the real estate arm for John Hancock, the Real Estate Finance Group (REFG) provides mortgage financing for commercial properties. Our lending activity spans a wide array of property types, and currently we have loans outstanding in over 40 states and 125 metropolitan areas. John Hancock's Real Estate Finance Group is based out of our Boston, Massachusetts headquarters with regional office locations in Boston, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, San Francisco, California and Irvine, California.

Our longevity in the commercial real estate arena is a function of the success achieved on behalf of clients. Our reputation for consistency and dependability go hand in hand with an outstanding record of performance. John Hancock has been a commercial mortgage lender for decades and today we rank as one of the largest in the nation, with approximately $12 billion in commercial mortgage assets under management.

Our Competitive Advantage

The John Hancock name is on every loan we make, along with our reputation as a long-term dependable source of financing. There are a number of distinct advantages to working with our real estate team, including:

Unrivaled Experience

Drawing on the extensive real estate experience gained over many decades, our investment professionals offer clients a continuous supply of financing opportunities and up-to-date market knowledge. Our team puts their expertise to work to provide certainty of execution. Understanding the operating characteristics of local markets is crucial to superior property and portfolio performance. Our home office along with our network of eight regional offices is central to this capability. In combination with the insights offered by proprietary research, the resources we can put at our clients' disposal offer distinct benefits.

Deal Flexibility

We have considerable experience with deals ranging anywhere from $10 million to in excess of $200 million, across diverse geographic locations. Our background with a variety of property types also means experience with assorted risk spectrums and deal structures. Given this knowledge base, as well as our firm's financial strength and focused analytical process, we can be quite flexible in meeting client needs and are willing to customize terms on a case-by-case basis. Competitive spreads are available for a wide variety of investment opportunities.

Incomparable Service

  • Our early rate lock feature is one of the best in the industry.
  • Quick turnaround time on loan quotes, speedy loan approvals and excellent service are provided throughout the negotiation and closing process.
  • Certainty of execution has been a core part of our program for decades.

Every transaction and investment is subject to high standards, which include meeting client objectives in a timely fashion. To that end, our in-house expertise extends from origination to close, including underwriting, legal, servicing, and research. Our service orientation includes more than just a promise to provide a quick turnaround on loan quotes and superior execution. It also extends to post closing - a dedicated team of professionals is on hand to provide ongoing service to you after your loan closes. Our considerable control over the entire process is designed to provide a high-quality experience for clients.

John Hancock Commercial Mortgage Portfolio

2013 - Approximately $12 Billion
2014 - Approximately $12 Billion
     Mixed Use
     MHP & Other
2013 - Approximately $12 Billion
2014 - Approximately $12 Billion
     New England
     Mid Atlantic
     East North Central
     West North Central
     South Atlantic
     East South Central
     West South Central